Dream 1: …A conference room. A big table around which a few people were sitting. Some of them were scribbling something on their notepads. The walls were pink or light pink. There was a streak of white somewhere in that hall. I don’t remember where the white color was and the color of the table. People were talking or discussing something. Then, someone drew a line through unclear text on the white notepad. A name. The color of the line drawn on that notepad was red. There were other lines, but I could not remember their color. It is like someone crossing out someone from something. The way the line was drawn indicated it was not a good result…

Dream 2: …A woman got on to a bus. Public transport. There was a bridge nearby. There was also an office bordered by high brick walls. In the distance loomed high trees with green leaves covered with brownish haze. I knew the bus route number. I could not know where I was standing or what I was doing. I knew the woman was taking the wrong bus. I knew it. It was going to the wrong destination. I knew I was helpless. I was wondering why that woman was taking the wrong bus. I wanted to tell, scream. I was unable to do that. I do not know why. But I knew the woman was taking the wrong bus. I was helpless. Who was that woman? Was it my mother, wife, lover, sister, or…



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